Brand trading network - Завод автогенного оборудования ДОНМЕТ производит газосварочные горелки, газовые резаки, керосинорезы, редукторы и другое сварочное оборудование
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DONMET AutogenousEquipment Plant Ltd. produces all range of gas-welding equipment (cuttingtorches, welding torches for welding and brazing, air burners) for metalcutting and welding using acetylene, propane, natural gas and MAPP. You can buyour products in Kramatorsk: tel./fax: +38 (06264) 5-77-13,+38 (0626) 44-26-85, mobile: +38 (050) 053-04-81, +38 (098) 471-75-01. Also youcan buy our products in other cities of our branded trading network or our partners.

Contacts of brandedtrading network DONMET:

Autogenous welding equipment plant DONMET

Postal address 84331, Ukraine, Donetsk region, Kramatorsk Parkovaya Str., 115
Banking details operating account № 26008455291 in Public Joint Stack Company Raiffeisen Bank Aval, MFO 380805 GCEO 30482268, tax number – 304822605153, registration number – 06292026
Phone numbers Reception: tel / fax +38 (06264) 5-45-63
Sales department: tel / fax +38 (06264) 5-77-13, +38 (0626) 44-26-85
mob. Tel.: +38 (050) 053-04-81, +38 (098) 471-75-01, +38(063)375-30-84
Supply department: tel / fax +38 (0626) 44-27-89
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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